Saturday, October 1, 2011

little boy blue

Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon. Little boy blue and the man on the moon.
People often tell me that I am very patient. I try to be. I try to stay in the moment. But often I find myself rushing, especially with Calder. Rushing just to barely keep up. He is still a little boy, full of wonder and discovery. I sometimes feel too rushed to stop in that moment and discover and wonder with him. In his IEP, we have stated that he be given wait time when asked a question but yet I get so frustrated when he doesn't answer me quick enough. When he is so happy and full of boisterous joy I find myself saying shhhh. When he gets so excited he just can't listen anymore I can totally loose my sense of humor and my patience.
I want to laugh more with him. I want to join him in his silly shenanagins. I want to be able to be a kid again, in that moment. I want him to know me as a person with a light heart and gentle tenderness.

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Robyn Hart said...

That really spoke to me. I'm a SpEd teacher of 10-12 year old "behavior" kiddos. I have all boys this year. I often find myself disappointed and frustrated when I believe if I would change the expectation- not lower it- but allow them to be the laughing joyful boys they are, our interactions could be much more fruitful. Balancing that with getting work done is tricky, but balance is the key word.