Sunday, January 22, 2012

Calder, meet Ray

Last night I found a note taped to our new upright piano which reads: "Grown ups should not play the piano". Lately, Calder has been bothered when Eric or I sit down to play the piano.
I've tried to reason with him. I've tried to explain to him that the piano is for everyone to enjoy, not just him. I've also tried to explain to him that his Dad played on this very piano when he was a kid just like Calder! None of this matters to know, he's 5.
So I decided to tell him this morning,"you don't know about Ray Charles do you?". Not only was he a grown up, he DID play the piano, he SHOULD play the piano, and he was very good, at that! AND he was blind; his eyes were broken. No argument there, the guy was brilliant. Calder knows Ray Charles' music because we sometimes play it in the car.
So, even with the best evidence supporting my case, my 5 year old will still attempt to argue with me that grown ups should not play the piano. I will keep my Ray Charles nearby and play it as often as I need to in order to make my point.


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