Thursday, August 25, 2011

38 minutes of opera!

We made it through the parking lot and into the house to find our seats. Things were going as good as they could. Whew. After sitting for about 5 minutes Calder says to me, "we have to get out of here". If he can just hang in there until the music starts he'll get interested. It's a very visual opera.

After we are about 5 minutes in he says again, loud enough for a few of the people sitting around us to hear,"we gotta get out of here". I whisper to him let's wait 5 minutes until we see Kitty (the main character ). He says don't do that. Don't tell me a secret. Ok scene change, come and capture my borderline restless 5 year olds attention.

Going great. He is recognizing the characters we have shown him for two weeks now. He sits on my lap, which is sweet...another 10 minutes go by. I notice that he is really paying attention. Cool. Relief. After 38 minutes from the moment the orchestra started he turns to me again saying "we gotta get outta here". I say "are you sure you don't want to see just 5 more minutes...see the savage in his cage?" He says "absolutely". Well there it was. The kindest, whispered words...I had to respect that. I had told myself before that I would not force this on him. So after 38 minutes of opera we went home.

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katsharp said...

YAY for successses...I wouldn't even call that one a small success. 38 minutes is a pretty great attention span for ANY 5 year old at the opera. Good on ya!