Thursday, August 25, 2011

the letter "P" blows out candles.

Who knew that blowing out candles would be scary. Our son is not a big fan of birthday parties. He has a lot of anxiety when it comes to going to a friends birthday. I've asked him what it was that bothered him. He tells me "I don't like the happy birthday song". Hmmmm. And the candles and the cake....he does like the party hats though!

So in a few days he will have his 5th birthday party that he is in charge of. He picked which friends he wanted to come. He picked his theme. And he decided that we will make a cake for his friends to eat (oh yeah, and he loves to bake).
While a friend was in town recently Calder got to see her blow out candles. Many kids love to blow out candles. Calder is afraid of the heat. He would watch her but from the other room.

Calder loves the alphabet. Many of his favorite games involve playing with letters. When we found out that sounding the letter "P" can actually blow out a candle he was happy as a lark! We've also found that "qu" also blows out candles. But most letters will not blow out that makes P and QU pretty special.

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