Friday, August 26, 2011

priceless pal

We have a dinosaur living with us named Russe (pronounced roo-see). She loves to hang out with Calder and unlike Calder, Russe likes to try new foods and she even eats vegetables. She is after all a brachiosaurus. She likes her hair washed and is generally easy going. She sat at the foot of Calder's bed probably two years...waiting for a little boys imagination to spark. A part of development often never attained in those with autism. Or attained by many hours of therapy and prompting. Many times I would say to myself "oh I should get rid of this stuffed animal. Its taking up space, collecting dust. He'll never play with it. He doesn't do pretend play. He is cerebral and very literal".

When a child hits a milestone it is a happy and fun occasion. E. had her first giggle yesterday, what fun. But when a child misses just about every milestone by 18 months or so, attaining a milestone is joyous but also it is a huge relief.

Thank God for stuffed animals. Thank God for dinosaurs. Thank God I never got rid of it. Thank you Russe. You are priceless to me.

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Eileen said...

I love the Russe and opera stories - so cute and personal. I'm proud of Calder for stayng at the opera for 38 minutes.